AMS-3 grease

AMS-3 grease (GOST 2712-75) is a high-viscosity petroleum oil thickened with stearic acid aluminum soap. Main operational characteristics: high conservation characteristics, adhesion to metal, water resistance. It is efficient within the temperature range from 0 to + 75°С. It is used to prevent corrosion of the mechanisms of ships, submarines, seaplanes. The standard provides the release of two brands: AMS-1 and AMS-3. The AMS-3 grease is characterized by a high content of the thickener.

AMC greases are used to prevent corrosion of metal products in conditions of their direct contact with sea water. The main advantage of AMC greases is high stickiness and water resistance. They are resistant to washout by water. Due to this, as well as excellent preservation properties, AMS greases are successfully used in the mechanisms of ships, submarines and seaplanes, when contact with splashes of sea water is possible or even when the friction unit is operating in water. The advantages of AMC greases include high colloidal stability and low volatility.

The guaranteed shelf life of lubricants in containers is 5 years. When used in the hinges of hatches, open gear drives, in retractable outboard devices (periscopes, roll stabilizers, etc.)

Physical and chemical indicators of AMS-3 grease (GOST 2712-75)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Appearance and colour Homogeneous ointment of dark color
Drop temperature, °C, not lower than 100
Penetration at 25°C, mm-1 200 - 250
Effective viscosity, Pa-s, at 0 °C, not more than 2000 (20000)
Testing of protection properties, 24 h. Withstands
Content of water-soluble acids and alkalis Absence
Content of water Absence
Content of mechanical impurities Absence