Compressor oils

Oils of this class are widely used for the lubrication of compressors used in various industries and transport. In reciprocating and rotary compressors, the lubricating oil is in direct contact with high temperature compressed gas. The composition and properties of the gas largely determine the requirements for the oil and its performance.

Compressor oils are used for continuous and effective operation of the equipment. There are following main tasks of compressors: compressing air, various gases and vapors in order to achieve optimal pressure for the production process. In the compression chamber, wear increases due to constant friction. Lubricants help to increase resistance to wear and reduce friction. Lubricants are used for:

  • improving the properties of air compressing;
  • preventing rust;
  • cooling the equipment.

Compressors that operate without lubricating due to the fact that the compressed medium does not interact with the lubricant require high quality lubricant.