Motor oils

Motor oil is a lubricating material that reduces friction between moving parts of an engine. To ensure reliable and long-lasting operation of any engine, it is necessary to use motor oils that correspond to the design and operating conditions of the engine in terms of their properties. Properly selected oil increases the performance and service life of the engine, transmission, and other unit assemblies.

Motor oils work under more severe conditions compared to transmission oils and greases. Since the operating conditions of engine components are different, motor oil experiences constant fluctuations in temperature and mechanical loads.

Functions of engine oils include:

  • reducing wear and preventing scuffing of rubbing parts;
  • protecting engine components from corrosion;
  • sealing gaps in the piston group to prevent gas breakthrough from the combustion chamber into the crankcase;
  • maintaining optimal temperature conditions in the engine (heat dissipation);
  • preventing the formation of deposits, sludge, and lacquer deposits on cylinder walls and valves.

The company "Profi-oil" offers its customers the following engine oils:

  • M-6z/12G1 GOST 10541-78
  • M-6z/10B GOST 10541-78
  • ARIAN cleaning MP-5*** TU U 23.2-20574128.012-2001
  • ARIAN cleaning MPT-2M *** TU U 23.2-20574128.012-2001
  • ARIAN 2T (for 2-stroke engines) TU U 23.2-20574128.006-2001
  • MS-20 (ground-based)
  • MT-16P GOST 6360-83
  • MT-8P TU 38.101277-85
  • M-8V, M-8G2k***, higher grade GOST 10541-78
  • M-8DM *** GOST 8581-78, M-10DM *** GOST 8581-78
  • ARIAN M-10G2K, M-10V2*** GOST 8581-78
  • M-10G2CS GOST 12337-84, M-14G2CS GOST 12337-84
  • M-14V2*** GOST 12337-84, M-14B TU 38.101264-72
  • M-14-G2(k) TU 38.401-58-98-94
  • M-14DCL20 GOST 12337-84
  • M-14DCL30 GOST 12337-84
  • M-16G2CS GOST 12337-84
  • M-16IKHP-3 GOST 25770-83
  • M-20G2, M-20V2F GOST 12337-84, M-20V2 GOST 23497-79