HF 12-16 oil (GOST 5546-86)

HF 12-16 (GOST 5546-86) - is a blend of petroleum oil and an antioxidant additive. It is used in industrial refrigeration systems.

There are specific requirements for refrigeration oils due to the continuous contact of the lubricant with the refrigerant, as well as the constant change in temperature and pressure of the medium. For refrigeration compressors, it is recommended to use mineral and synthetic refrigeration oils with a sufficiently low pour point and high chemical stability. Chemical stability means the tendency of oils to interact with refrigerants based on halogenated fatty hydrocarbons at elevated temperatures and pressures. The most important performance characteristics of refrigeration oils are their ability to reciprocal dissolution with freons, as well as the temperature at which paraffin wax separates from solutions.

 The flocculation temperature in the R-12 freon solution for refrigeration oil is: HF 12-16 — 50, HA-30 —40, HS-40 — 55°C. It is also necessary to control the aggressiveness of refrigerant mixtures with refrigeration oil in relation to metals and other materials used in refrigerating machines.

Refrigeration oils of the HA and HF series are used for refrigerating machine compressors in accordance with GOST 5546-86:

  • refrigeration oil HA-30 - a mixture of distillate and residual petroleum oils;
  • refrigeration oil HF 12-16 - petroleum oil with an antioxidant additive;
  • refrigeration oil HF 22-24 - thickened petroleum oil;
  • refrigeration oil HF 22S-16 - a synthetic oil with an antioxidant additive.

In addition to refrigeration oils according to GOST 5546-86, synthetic oil VNIINP HS-40 (TС 38.101763 - 78) can be used for refrigerating machine compressors operating within the temperature range from -50 to + 150°С., and for industrial freon refrigerating machines - oil HM-35 (TС 38.1011158-88).