Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic oil is the component without which the operation of various types of hydraulic mechanisms becomes impossible. Since any hydraulics for its functioning requires a specialized medium (in fact, any liquid can act as this medium, but only special lubricants can satisfy all the requirements of the mechanisms), then it can be said that hydraulic oil is one of the most important components of technology of this kind.

Currently, there are several main types of lubricants for hydraulic engineering. The classification of hydraulic oils can be made according to two principles - according to the scope of application of a particular type of oil or according to its composition.

Classification according to purpose:

  • oils for water and air transport;
  • oils for brake and shock absorber systems;
  • oils for hydraulic drives and transmissions;
  • oils for the circulation system of equipment in production.

Classification according to composition:

  • oil;
  • water-glycol;
  • synthetic (artificial).