Mobil HyJet IV-A plus

Mobil HyJet IV-Aplus is a fire-resistant Type IV phosphate ester aviation hydraulic fluid that offers performance capabilities at levels close to those of Type V fluids. Mobil HyJet IV-Aplus hydraulic fluid offers outstanding rust and deposit control.

Benefits of Mobil HyJet IV-A plus:

  • offers potential savings in fuel consumption and costs with its low-density formulation;
  • provides excellent high-temperature stability and low-temperature viscosity for extended fluid and component life;
  • offers superb deposit control and exceptional protection against wear, rust and corrosion, helping airlines reduce repair costs and maximize equipment life.

Mobil HyJet IV-A plus fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid is used in commercial aircraft hydraulic systems where phosphate hydraulic fluids are recommended. It is compatible in all proportions with commercial Type IV and Type V phosphate ester aviation hydraulic fluids.

Physical and chemical indicators of Mobil HyJet IV-A plus

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Kinematic viscosity  at 127,6°С, mm2/s 2,6
Acid Number, mgKOH/g 0,04
Autoignition Temperature, °C 427,7
Density at 16°C , kg/m³ 1001
calcium, mg/kg 103
chlorine, mg/kg 10
potassium, mg/kg 38
sulfur, mg/kg 224
water, % 0,1
Flash point, cleveland open cup, °C 176,1
Shear stability, % kinematic viscosity loss, 40 °C, % 22
Pour point, °C -62,2