Oil B3-V

Oil B-3V (TС 38.101295-85) – synthetic oil with a pentaerythritol and fatty acids ester base and a complex of additives. B-3B oil has high lubricating properties. Disadvantage: deposition of the extreme pressure additive at low operating temperature as a result of oxidation, followed by dissolution of the precipitate in oil at 70-90°C.

Used in gas turbine engines, helicopter reducers and other equipment with an oil temperature at the outlet of the engine up to 200°C.

Physical and chemical indicators of B-3V oil

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Appearance Clear liquid of light yellow to brown colour
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s:
at 100°С, not less 5,0
at -30°С, not more 3500
at -40°С, not more 12500
at -54°С, not more -
Temperature, °С:
flash point in the open crucible, not less 235
pour point, °C, not more -60
Acid number, mg KOH/g 4,4-5,5
water-soluble acids, alkalis, mechanical impurity, water Absence
Thermal Oxidative Stability, h (temperature, °С) 10(200)
Indicators after oxidation:
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s, not more:
at 100°С 6,0
at -40°С 20000
Change in kinematic viscosity at 100°С, not more -
Acid number, mg KOH/g 0,7-2,0
Mass fraction of a deposit, insoluble in an isooctane, %, not more 0,11
Corrosion on plates, g/m2, not more:
ShH-15 steel Absence
M1 or M2 copper -
AK-4 aluminum alloy Absence
Coking capacity, %, not more, 0,45
Density at 20°С, kg/m3 990-997
Tribological characteristics on ChShMT at (20±5)°C:
critical loading, N, not less 890
wear indicator at axial load of 196 N, not more -