Oil Turbonycoil 98

Synthetic ester-based oil for aircraft gas turbine engines and helicopter reducers. TurbonycOil 98 is approved for use in airlines as a licensed product of Castrol 98. An analogue of Turbonicoil 98 is B-3B oil. Storage of TurbonycOil 98 oil is carried out according to the requirements accepted for B-3B oil in accordance with GOST 1510. TurbonycOil 98 oil is packed up in dry and pure barrels with a capacity of 50 and 215 litres or jars with a capacity of 20 litres. Corks on barrels are covered with special sealed lid.
In case of opening of barrels at partial use of TurbonycOil 98 oil (capacity of 50 and 215 litres) repeated use of a regular stopper is allowed. At the same time control over integrity on a stopper of a rubber gasket is carried out.

In case of damage to the rubber gasket stopper or loss of the integrity of the container, TurbonycOil 98 oil is poured into another container, which ensures tightness, or in a container recommended for oil B-3B according to TU 38.101295-85. Opened barrels must be stored in a place where possibility of pollution is excluded: mechanical impurities and water. Before further use of oil from the opened container before the use it is recommended to carry out entrance control on indicators of the table: density, kinematic viscosity at positive temperature, acid number, water content and mechanical impurity. After one year of storage in an open container, send a sample of the oil to the address of the CA avia POL FGUP GosNII GA for analysis. If you comply with given rules of storage preservation of quality of oil and its subsequent use is guaranteed.

Application requirements of TurbonycOil 98 oil are completely similar to the conditions of application of B-3B oil. If it is necessary to take samples of TurbonycOil 98 oil from storage tanks, fueling devices, engine oil system, units and obtain values of controlled parameters other than those given in paragraph 1, oil samples are sent to GosNII GA for research and preparation of the conclusion.

Physical and chemical indicators of Turbonycoil 98

Name of the indicator Test method Norm
Appearance Visual examination Clear liquid
Density at 20°С, g/cm3 ASTM D 4052
GOST 3900
from 0,937 to 0,947
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s:
at 100 °С, min
at -40 °С, max
ASTM D 445
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max GOST 5985
ASTM D 664
Temperature, °С:
flash point in the open crucible, °С, min GOST 6356
our point, °С, max GOST 20287
content of mechanical impurities GOST 6370 Absence
Thermal oxidative stability at 200°С within 10h:
mass fraction of a deposit, insoluble in an isooctane, %, GOST 23797 0,11
acid number after oxidation, mg KOH/g from 0,9 to 2,0
kinematic viscosity, mm2/s at 100 °С from 7,8 to 8,0
kinematic viscosity, mm2/s: at -40 °С, from 10000 to 12000
Corrosion on plates, g/cm2:
ShH-15 steel 0
AK-4 Aluminum alloy 0
Content of water-soluble acids and alkalis, % GOST 6307 -