PFMS-4S grease

Grease (TС 6.02.917-79) is a poly-methyl-phenyl-siloxane fluid thickened with colloidal graphite. The main performance characteristics of PFMS-4S grease: with rheological properties, it occupies an intermediate position between greases and pastes; increased extreme pressure properties, high thermal stability and low volatility. It is efficient within the temperature range from -30°C to +300°C and for short duration up to 400°C. It is used in aircraft friction units, low-speed rolling bearings, screw ball joint drives, threads.

Physical and chemical indicators of AMS-3 grease PFMS-4S grease (TС 6.02.917-79)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Appearance Viscous pasty black mass
Reaction media (pH of the aqueous extract) 6 - 8
Content of water Absence
Syneresis at a temperature of 100°C for 6 hours, %, no more 4
Evaporability at 300°C, 1 h, %, not more than 16