T-22 oil

Oil T-22 (GOST 32-74) is made of high-quality, low-sulfur, non-paraffinic oils using acid treatment. Does not contain additives. The choice of materials and the optimal refinery yield allow achieving high performance oil properties. Has similar scope of application as Тp-22B and Тp-22S turbine oils.

Physical and chemical indicators of T-22 oil (GOST 32-74)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TС)
Kinematic viscosity, mm²/s:
at 50°С 20 - 23
at 50°С -
Viscosity index, not less than 70
Acid number, mg КОН / g, not more than 0,02
Temperature, °С:
flash point in the open crucible, not less than 180
pour point, not higher than -15
Mass fraction:
water-soluble acids and alkalis Absence
mechanical impurities Absence
phenol Absence
sulfur, %, not more than Absence
Stability against oxidation, not more than:
mass fraction of a deposit, % 0,100
low molecular weight volatile acids, mg KOH/g -
acid number, mg KOH/g 0,35
Stability against oxidation in a universal device, not more than:
mass fraction of a deposit, % -
acid number, mg KOH/g -
Ash, %, not more than 0,005
Demulsification number, s, not more than 300
Corrosion of steel bars Absence
Corrosion of copper plate, group -
Colour, units of COP, not more than 2,0
Density at 20°C kg/m, not more than 900