Transmission oil TSgip

Oil for hypoid gears TSgip (TC 38.1011332-90) belongs to the group of universal oils with extreme pressure additives of high efficiency and multifunctional action. TC-Hyp oil ensures the normal functioning of hypoid gears operating under shock loads at contact stresses above 3000 MPa and oil temperature up to 150°C. Designed for use in civil aviation for lubrication of vertical and horizontal hinges of helicopter rotor hubs, or in the production of oil mixtures for tail and intermediate gearboxes.

Physical and chemical indicators of Transmission oil TSgip (TC 38.1011332-90)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s, not less than 18,0
Content of water-soluble acids and alkalis Absence
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, %, not more than 0,10
Content of water, % Absence
Mass fraction of sulfur, %, not less than 1,5
Pour point, °С, not more than -18
Corrosion test on plates:
steel grade 40 or 50 according to GOST 1050 Withstands
copper grade M2 according to GOST 859 Gets dark