Transmission oil TSZP-8

Oil TSZP-8 (TU 38.1011280-89) - low-viscosity, low-solidification, thickened with a viscous additives resistant to destructive actions , also contains an extreme pressure additive. Oil TSZP-8 is a solvent-extracted oil. Contains additives that improve antiwear, anti-corrosion, extreme pressure, antioxidant, viscosity-temperature and antifoam properties of the oil, ensuring its reliable operation under conditions of high sliding speeds, pressures and a wide temperature range.

TSzp-8 is a long-life transmission oil intended for lubrication of transmission planetary gear set, as well as some hydraulic control systems of mobile vehicles. These are transmissions of transport machines, spur, spiral-bevel and worm gears operating under contact stresses up to 20000 kg/cm2.

The efficiency of TSzp-8 is maintained at oil temperatures up to +120°С and at ambient temperatures up to -50°С.

The oil ensures reliable and long-term operation of transmission units. Retains performance characteristics during long-term storage.

According to GOST 17479.2-85, TSzp-8 oil corresponds to TM-3-9. ТSzp-8 meets the requirements of SAE 75W-80 and API GL-3.

Physical and chemical indicators of Transmission oil TSZP-8 (TC 38.1011280-89)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s, at 100°С 7,5 - 8,5
Viscosity index, not less than 140
Temperature, °С:
flash point in the open crucible, not less than 164
pour point, °C, not more -50
Mass fraction, %:
mechanical impurities, not more than 0,025
water Traces
phosphorus , not less than 0,08
sulfur, not less than 0,7
Corrosion test on steel and copper plates Withstands
Tribological characteristics on ChShMT:
scuff index, N, not less than 392
wear index at 20°С, 1 h, load of 392 N, mm, not more than 0,50
welding loading, N, not less than 2764
critical loading, N, not less than 823