Tsiatim-205 grease

Tsiatim-205 grease (GOST 8551-74) is a mixture of highly refined petroleum oils thickened with white ceresin. Basic performance characteristics: resistant to concentrated inorganic acids, amines, alcohols, hydrazines. It has high water resistance and protective properties. The grease operates efficiently at  temperatures from -60 to  + 50 ° С. Tsiatim-205 grease is designed to prevent agglomeration of threaded and contact joints and seals  working in aggressive environments, and also for their sealing. At low temperatures, it gets thick; therefore, it is not possible to use it at temperatures below -20 ° С.


In threaded and other fixed connections, the grease provides tightness from -60 to 50°C. The grease demonstrates high stability in contact with concentrated inorganic acids and their vapors, as well as with a large number of other chemically active substances (alcohols, alkalis, amines, etc.). Tsiatim-205 grease is not recommended for work with oxygen. Grease shows high resistance to water. It well protects non-ferrous and ferrous metals against corrosion in an environment saturated (up to several milligrams per 1 liter) with vapors of strong oxidants, hydrazines, amines, etc. In terms of chemical resistance, it significantly surpasses perfluoroalkyl polyester, fluorocarbon, silica gel greases such as VNIINP-279 or VNIINP-282.The relatively low price and availability promote a wide circulation of of Tsiatim-205 grease. It is the most mass produced chemically resistant grease.

Physical and chemical indicators of industrial oil Tsiatim-205

Name of the indicator

Norm GOST (TС)


Homogeneous ointment of dark brown or green-brown color

Drop temperature, °C, not lower than


Effective viscosity Pa-s


 at - 50°C and the average gradient of the strain rate 1000 s-1, not less than

1 (10)

 at - 30°C and the average gradient of the strain rate 10 s-1, not less than

1000 (10.103)

tensile strength at 50°С,  Pa (hs/cm2), not less than

250 (2.5)

Colloidal stability, %, not more than


Corrosion test


Oxidative stability mg KOH/g, not more than


Content of free organic acids


Mass fraction of free alkali calculated as NaOH, %, not more than


Content of mechanical impurities (1 ml of grease), %, not more than
 with a diameter from 0,075 to 0,125 mm, not more than


 with a diameter more than 0,125 mm


Mass fraction of sulfur, %, not less than


Penetration at 25°C

25 - 300