Tsiatim-221 grease

Tsiatim-221 grease (GOST 9433-80) - organ silicon liquid, obtained by thickening with a complex soap and adding an antioxidant additive. The main performance characteristics of Tsiatim-221 grease: insoluble in water, hygroscopic, retains its properties even when boiled. When moisture is absorbed, it gets compacted, has low antiwear characteristics, is chemically resistant, inert to rubber and polymer materials. It is efficient at a residual pressure of 666.5 Pa and in the temperature range from -60 to + 150°C. It is used in rolling bearings of electric machines, control systems and devices with a speed of up to 10000 minutes-1, in aggregate bearings of aircraft, friction units and metal-rubber conjugate surfaces operating in a vacuum.

Physical and chemical indicators of Tsiatim-221 industrial oil (GOST 9433-80)

Name of the indicator  Norm GOST (TU)
Appearance Homogeneous ointment of light yellow to light brown color
Evaporability, %, not more than 2,0
Colloidal stability, %, not more than 7,0
Content of water, % Absence
Mass fraction of free alkali, %, not more than 0,08
Drop temperature, °C, not lower than 200
Penetration at 25°C, 0,1 mm 280-360
Content of mechanical impurities, % Absence
Corrosion test Gray, brown or black spots do not appear
Tensile strength at 50°С, PA, not less than 120
Effective viscosity at -50 °C, PA, not more than 800