VM-1 oil

Purpose of VM-1 vacuum oil: it is used as a working fluid in high-vacuum steam pumps, oil-sealed  mechanical vacuum pumps.

The most important indicators for operation are viscosity, boiling point at a residual pressure of 0,01 mmHg, saturated vapor pressure at 20 °C.

  • kinematic viscosity mm2 /s: 67,0;
  • vapor pressure at 20°С, Pa: 5,1 х 10 (-7).


It is the quality of the vacuum oil that largely determines how effective the operation of vacuum pumps will be. When choosing a vacuum oil for a specific equipment, not only the characteristics of the pumps should be taken into account, but also the compatibility of the fluid with the equipment, structural sealing materials and the pumped medium. As a working fluid of steam-oil vacuum pumps, vacuum oil must have the lowest possible vapor pressure at the operating temperature in the pump and thermal stability, as well as be chemically inert to aerial oxygen and pumped gases.

In mechanical pumps, vacuum oil is necessary for the tightness of the working chambers of the mechanism. This task requires special qualities that the oil must possess. The level of performance of this oil depends on the viscosity. The viscosity determines how quickly a given vacuum oil will evaporate.

Produced according to: OST 38.01402-86.