VM-5 oil

Purpose of VM-5 vacuum oil: VM-5 vacuum oil obtained from sulfurous or low-sulfur oils using deep purification and vacuum distillation technology. VM 5 vacuum oil is used as a working fluid in high-vacuum steam-oil pumps (providing a lower residual pressure in vacuum systems compared to VM-1 and VM-1C vacuum oils), as well as, in some cases, in mechanical pumps with oil seals of mating parts.

Interchangeability: no

Specifications of VM 5 vacuum oil:

  • Density at 20 °C g/cm3, not more than: 0.885;
  • Colour, units of CNT, not more than: colorless;
  • Kinematic viscosity, at 50°С, mm²/sec, not less: 60-70;
  • Flash point in the open crucible, °С: not less than 230;
  • Pour point, °С, not higher: -12;
  • Water content, %: no;
  • Content of mechanical impurities, %: no;
  • Content of water-soluble acids and alkalis, %: no;
  • Ash, %, not more than: 0.01;
  • saturated vapor pressure at 20 °С, Pa, not more than: 2.7 × 10-5;
  • Vapor pressure at 20 °С, Pa, not more than: –;
  • Boiling point, at which the vapor pressure is 1.33 Pa (1.1 × 10-2 Torr), °С: 140-150.