VM-6 oil

VM-6 vacuum oil (TC 38.401-58-3-90) is a working fluid, used for oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps. The range of working fluids for vacuum generating equipment includes highly refined mineral (petroleum) and some synthetic products called vacuum oils. Due to the specific operating conditions of vacuum-generating technology, the main indicators of vacuum oils are viscosity, saturated vapor pressure, ultimate residual pressure, as well as stability against oxidation.


Physical and chemical indicators of VM-6 vacuum oil (TU 38.401-58-3-90)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Density at 20°C g/cm3 -
Colour, units of COP, not more than 4,5
Kinematic viscosity, mm²/sec:
at 20°С, not more than 220
at 50°С, not more than 40
at 100°С, not more than 8
Flash Point, °С:
in the open crucible Not normalised. Evaluation required
in the closed crucible, not less than 216
Acid number, mg КОН/g, not more than -
Coking capacity, %, not more than -
Pour point, °С, not higher than -10
Stability against oxidation:
acid number, mg КОН/g, not more than -
increase in viscosity at 50°С, not more than 50
Fractional composition:
head temperature distillation, °С, not less than 125
90% of oil is distilled at a temperature, °С, not higher than 220
Mass fraction of water, % Absence
Vapor pressure at 20°С, Pa, not more than 4,0×10-4