VNII NP-225 grease

VNIINP-225 grease (GOST 19782-74) is an organosilicon liquid thickened with finely dispersed molybdenum disulfide; contains a stabilizing additive. Basic performance characteristics: efficient within temperatures from -60 to + 250 ° С (aluminum alloys), -40 ... + 300°С (low-speed friction units). It is used in movable and fixed threaded joints, heavy-loaded low-speed friction units.


Physical and chemical indicators of VNIINP-225 grease (GOST 19782-74)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Appearance Homogeneous ointment of black colour
Stability at 20 ± 3°С for 10 minutes, %, not more than 10
Corrosion test Withstands