VNII NP-281 grease

VNIINP-281 grease (TU 38.10123-81) is an aviation grease. Complex sodium grease is intended for lubrication of aggregate bearings of aircraft generators and starter generators of some aircraft operating within the temperature range from -60 to +120°C. The grease has excellent low temperature properties and low volatility. VNIINP-281 grease is practically inert towards rubbers, like other greases based on isoparaffinic oil. VNIINP-281 grease is designed to operate in high-speed bearings (Dn up to 400,000 mm/min) at low loads and temperatures up to 80...100°C.

Physical and chemical indicators of VNIINP-281 grease (TC 38.10123-81)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Appearance and color Homogeneous soft consistent ointment with smooth structure of black colour
Drop temperature, °C, not lower than 200
Effective viscosity, according to the viscometer capillary viscometer, Pa-s, at -50 °C and mean gradient of 10 s-1 strain rate, not more than 1500 (15000)
Tensile strength at 50°С, Pa (hs/cm2) 200 - 500 (2,0 - 5,0)
Colloidal stability of allocated oil, %, not more than 15,0
Evaporability at 120°C, 3H, %, not more than 3,5
Content of water, % Absence
Corrosive influence on metals Withstands