VNIINP-254 “Atlanta”

VNIINP-254 Atlanta (TC 38.1011048-85) grease contains a complex of metal-clad additives. Main operational characteristics: frost-resistant, high extreme pressure characteristics, mechanical and colloidal stability and water resistance. It is efficient at a residual pressure of 666.5 Pa and in the temperature range from -60 to + 150 ° C. Atlanta grease is used in sliding friction units operating at high alternating loads, needle and screw mechanisms.

Physical and chemical indicators of VNIINP-254 Atlanta (TC 38.1011048-85)

Name of the indicator Norm GOST (TC)
Appearance and colour Homogeneous, soft, dark brown ointment with a purple tint
Tensile strength, Pa, at 50°С 100 - 250
Effective viscosity, at -50°C, Pa, not more than 750
Colloidal stability of allocated oil, %, not more than 35
Drop temperature, °C, not lower than 165
Content of free alkali calculated as NaOH, %, not more than 0,25
Evaporability at 150°C, %, 1H, not more than 5,0
Corrosive influence on metals Withstands
Content of water Absence