Transmission oils

Transmission oils are specially designed oils for manual transmissions and drive axles. Their common feature is the ability to create a strong lubricating film that can withstand heavy loads in contact with parts. In our country, the characteristics and designations of these lubricating products were previously dictated by the corresponding Soviet state standards (GOSTs), but now, with the rising penetration of imported products, the international classification has become predominant.

Transmission oils are base oils alloyed with various functional additives. Mineral, partially or fully synthetic oils are used as base components.

In transmission units, lubricating oil is an essential part of the design. The ability of the oil to perform and maintain the functions of a structural material for a long time is determined by its operational properties. General requirements for transmission oils are determined by the design features, purpose and operating conditions of the transmission unit.

Transmission oils operate at fast slip rates, under pressures and in a wide temperature range. The starting properties and long-term performance of transmission oils must be ensured in the temperature range from -60 to +150°C. Therefore, high requirements are set for transmission oils.